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Only the very best Psychics, Mediums, Astrologers, Numerologists, Spiritual Coaches are invited to be listed and be a part of this prestigious organization. USA's top directory of independent professional psychics & mediums. Created by Scotland's own Rosemary The Celtic Lady - Light Worker, Spirit Talks, Author and Founder of the American Association of Psychics.

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Andrew Mathews | Angel Thacker | Cheryl Pershey | ​Donna Annis | Eos Isabel Yolanda | Ginger | ​Glenn Smith | Holly K Brooks |  Ivory LaNoue | Jasmine Devian | Jerilyn Ito | Jessie Ann | Jewels McManus | Julee Hawkfeather | Julie Savoy | Karen Kenny | Karine Brule | Karri Ann | Kim Mowery Smith | Laura Ghedotte | Leanne Steiner | Leslay-Robin | Linda Grace  | Lori Hudspeth  | L'Vereese Britten | Margo Kirzinger | Mary Ursits | Matt Derickson | ​Melissa Stamps | Misti Cooper | MJ Olinger | Nancy Byrne | Nancy Rose | Natalie | Natalie Marquis | Nikki Maly | Pat Forbes | Rev Janet Day | Rose Rosemary The Celtic Lady Siuking | Susie Cutti | ​Wendy Barry | Wendy Marks | ​Wendy Piepenburg

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