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Welcome to the UK Association of Psychics.

Our worldwide aim is to bring together reliable independent professional psychics who provide top quality psychic readings. UK Association of Psychics: Media Contact Information for the UKAOP - To Contact the UK, American and Canadian Associations of Psychics and Healers.

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We will only be inviting the most professional, ethical UK psychics to join us.

If you meet the following criteria you may visit our join us page to be considered for membership in our new Mission Statement - UK Association of Psychics and Psychic Mediums directory that will follow the format of our highly successful American Association of Psychics

Mission Statement - Welcome to the UK Association of Psychics and Mediums

Welcome to the UK Association of Psychics and Mediums.

I wish to present myself to you - I am Rosemary The Celtic Lady - Guided by Joshua - As founder of the UK, American and Canadian Associations of Psychics and Healers, I wish to welcome you to my organization either as a member or as a guest just browsing the web. I have been receiving messages from Joshua my spirit guide as far back as I can remember. For years now he has been pressing me to bring all the Light Workers together from all over the world.

I wish to bring forth Individuals, who are a representatives of the light, who have Integrity, are ethical, honorable and professional. Each person in the Association is very unique and individual in their own way. Each person is a representative in their own light. Each one also gets guidance, as I do. This organization is not about competition. It is about us all being equal in the eyes of spirit......

My Goal is to educate you about which Psychics etc are credible or not in this industry. I strongly recommend that you DO NOT USE HOT LINE PSYCHICS.

A message from Joshua

Beloved ones, I come to you with hope in my heart, as each and every one of my representatives, step forth into the light... come under my wings and the wings of your angels, we will guide and protect all that you do. It is of the up most importance that we all step forward at this moment in time. With love in our hearts, faith in our work and with guidance from spirit, we can all make a difference on this planet... It is time to reach out to your fellow man, woman and child, lift them up as you raise yourself upwards... Remember You Too Can Make a Difference

Ask and you shall receive ~ All things can come to you if you truly wish it with all of your heart... You are here to make a difference in this world, step out and do so.... Do not be afraid, I will guide you... Fear is an emotion that is not required... All that is required is Faith, Love and Compassion for others!

Remember You Are Light! You Are One With The Light! The Light Is Within You! Joshua

Membership Criteria

Please note we do not list hotline psychics or psychics that provide web cam readings or charge by the minute or offer any type of spell work.

We require you have your own personal web site and clearly show your prices, your photograph and contact details. The site should look professional and any disclaimers should be fair, reasonable and brief.

If you do not have a web site, one must be available within the next 60 days.

If you collect credit cards online you should have secure web page to protect your clients information.

Given it is impractical to book consultations by email or a web form this should be handled by telephone or in person to avoid double booking.

You cannot promote any form of illegal or immoral or unethical activity, nor will you be able to continue membership if we are aware of any legal proof you have been associated with any type of activity that would discredit your character and fitness for membership.

Membership is by invitation only,

to be considered request an invite now.

Psychics UK - Global Psychics and Healers | Psychic directory | UK Association of Psychics media contact information

Mission Statement For UK Association of Psychics and Psychic Mediums; It is Rosemary The Celtic Lady's Mission to bring together the most credible and ethical psychics and psychic Mediums in the industry throughout the UK, USA and Canada.

Psychics UK - Global Psychics and Healers - Mission Statement UKAOP UK Association of Psychics: Media Contact Information for the UKAOP - To Contact the UK, American and Canadian Associations of Psychics and Healers.

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